EuroSeminar Application – Prague, July 2024

A Seminar for young Latter-Day saints in Europe

‘Think Celestial – Choose Joy!’

In a global society filled with quickly changing values, disruptive technologies, and dislocating demographics, hopeful disciples of Christ face the test as never before of learning to see things in their proper light. Artificial Intelligence might threaten to make analytical thinking obsolete, but how will it affect our already isolated social lives? When moral values decline and basic freedoms are challenged, how can we be an influence for good instead of just peculiar bystanders? How can we rely on our covenant communities to give us a sense of belonging and security even as we strive to meet the ideal of Zion?

Our prophet President Russell M. Nelson has counseled us to view such challenges within a higher, holier, even celestial framework. As we follow that counsel, we will discover the capacity to choose joy amidst the turmoil.

As part of that discovery, we invite you to apply to attend this year’s Prague EuroSeminar conference, to be held July 17-20, 2024. You will have the opportunity to join other Latter-day Saints, leaders, and renowned scholars to explore how a celestial perspective can free us to address the challenges of our day with wisdom, hope, and joy.

Food and accommodations at the conference, and transportation between Prague airport and the conference site will be provided free of charge. Conference participants will be asked to pay a small registration fee and to cover the cost of their travel to Prague. In cases where travel costs are prohibitive, consideration will be given to providing a partial reimbursement.