A Seminar for young Latter-Day saints in Europe

Wheatley Institution

The purpose of the institution is to produce consequential scholarship in key topics consistent with its core mission. The institution will convene leading scholars and experts from BYU and from beyond campus to research and publish collaboratively as well as individually on these topics. This convening and collaboration will enrich the academic environment for BYU students and faculty and expand the influence of BYU and its faculty within the scholarly disciplines and in the broader culture. Application of sound scholarly work to important real-world problems and meaningful implementation of the results of research are top priorities. The institution also seeks, through recognized scholarship, to influence the scholarly agenda and scholarly discourse in areas relevant to its mission both on campus and in the wider world. The institution will expand its contribution and influence through the dissemination of scholarly products, exchange of academic personnel and ideas through conferences and seminars, and the results of applied and programmatic research. Learn more at wheatley.byu.edu.

Church History Department

The Church History Department manages the historical and publishing activities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This includes the Church History Museum, Church Historian’s Press, and various research and collection projects. Learn more at history.churchofjesuschrist.org