Webinar Uploads

A Seminar for young Latter-Day saints in Europe

Adam Miller – April 2023

Hans Noot – September 2022

Traci de Marco ans Eric Hachenberger – August 2022

Patrick Mason – July 2021

What does “the Restoration” mean in the 21st century? The world has changed substantially in the two hundred years since Joseph Smith saw his first vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ. People now are less interested in the question of “which religion is true?” than “why bother with religion at all?” In a modern age characterized by increased secularism, cynicism, and social isolation, it is important to think anew about the ways in which we, as disciples of Jesus and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are called to work alongside God in bringing light, goodness, and truth to the world. As it turns out, the “restoration of all things” was always meant as a means to the end of the restoration of God’s people — all of our Heavenly Parents’ children — to wholeness.